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Cultivate intentional self-care rituals

with a nourishing community

over the span of three moon cycles



Wellbeing is built on daily self-care habits.

Optimizing our self-care for physical vibrancy, responsive immunity, and mental resilience is of utmost importance now and for our future. If you've felt overwhelmed, unsupported, and unsure about where to begin around your self-care, THE RADIANT VESSEL is for you.

In this 9-week course, Andrea shares a powerful, practical mix of self-care rituals designed to help you step into your most radiant, healthy Self. Weekly sessions will focus on self-awareness, meditation, nutrition, sleep, movement, emotional balance, and moon-centered ceremony. Each session begins with meditation and ends with a community share, and we will discuss one herbal ally per class. Participants receive one private session with Andrea to co-create an individualized self-care plan, and are paired with an accountability partner for the entirety of the course.

The summer edition of THE RADIANT VESSEL spans three moon cycles, beginning on the Summer Solstice on Sunday, June 20st, 2021 and ending on a Blue Moon Sunday, August 22nd, 2021.

We will meet on Thursdays from 6:00pm-7:30pm PST.


This course is for you if you're ready to:
Cultivate a deeper relationship with your body & nature
Strengthen your immune system & plan for the future

Take back your power around your health
Step into a more radiant version of yourself
Up-level your self-care rituals
Explore your health from a holistic perspective
Be supported & give support on your self-care journey

A meditation space




Sunday, August 2nd, 7pm

Full Moon Aquarius

Everyone has the ability to channel energy for healing. We will dive into the practices of energetic self-healing and energetic communication with ourselves, plants, and Spirit.



Sunday, August 9th, 7pm


Pleasure is our birthright. Leaning into a fully enjoyable, pleasurable, sensual life is accessible to all. In this class, we explore what brings us pleasure and strategize around how to bring more of it into your day-to-day lives.



Sunday, August 16th, 7pm

New Moon Virgo

We cultivate a radiant vessel to live out our purpose with clarity, power, and vitality; and living from our Purpose is the ultimate act of self-care. In our final class, we explore our North Star, our mission, and our reason for inspired self-care.



Sunday, June 21st, 7pm

Summer Solstice

New Moon Cancer, Solar Eclipse

We step into the Radiant Vessel in sacred ceremony and set intentions for our work together. Participants get to know one another and are paired with an accountability partner.




Sunday, June 28th, 7pm


Self-awareness is the foundation of our health. We must get to know ourselves, our needs, and our values in order to identify what's working and what isn't. We explore tools like self-inquiry, writing, and meditation to deepen our awareness and relationship to Self.



Sunday, July 5th, 7pm
Full Moon Capricorn, Lunar Eclipse

We gather under the brightness of the moon to talk about the most important and influential self-care element, and the one that requires the most strategy: SLEEP. Our focus will be on repatterning our circadian rhythms and practical tools to improve sleep.



Sunday, July 12th, 7pm


Nourishment is not just the food we eat - it's our thoughts, our social media consumption, and our relationships. We will explore whole foods nutrition at length, and also reflect upon other sources of nourishment in our lives.



Sunday, July 19th, 7pm

New Moon Leo

Moving our body is key to maintaining a radiant vessel over the length of our lives. We will explore different movement practices within this session, and also discuss the science behind why movement is crucial to our health.



Sunday, July 26th, 7pm


Our physical space says a lot about our life. An uncluttered space makes for a clear mind. This week, we dive into practices for keeping energy flowing freely in our home, and we explore the realm of environmental toxins and their impact on our health.

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9 Live Group Sessions via Zoom (75 min)

Weekly Recorded Meditations

Course Handouts + Recipes

Weekly Worksheets

Accountability Partner

Private FB Group


Before June 15th

After June 15th

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Andrea Penagos L.Ac., Dipl. OM, MATCM is a Medical Herbalist, California-Licensed Acupuncturist, and Reiki Master Teacher with over a decade of experience in health and wellness. Andrea is dedicated to empowering her clients to cultivate radiant health through intentional, daily self-care. She provides 1:1 individualized online services including herbal & wellness consults and distance energy healing, along with online self-care workshops.

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