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Health Educator

"I came to Andrea at the beginning of the year with some long-standing back pain and digestive disorder issues. She did a through intake and talked to me at length to get a better understanding of my concerns taking into account not just physical body, but the emotional and mental states as well. When I received the acupuncture treatments for the first time she calmly explained each step in the process and my nerves were put at ease. She has a smooth, gentle and precise manner and a wonderful healing space where she provides her therapy. She’s a professional healer who takes time to really listen and is intentional about the treatment she provides. I can say that after three months my back pain is under control, almost gone and my gut is feeling more balanced. I’ve gained a vitality that I didn’t have before my treatments with Andrea.” 

- E.G.


Master Gardener, Herbalist

"Andrea supported and guided me through one of my toughest battles with hormonal imbalance that was wreaking havoc on my face and spirit. Within a few months, through a series of healing modules, my face was healed and my spirit renewed. Andrea reminded me of the importance of embracing ourselves no matter what our outer appearance, inner beauty really does shine outwards. Thank you Andrea for supporting me and using healing tools that spoke to my path."

- K.S.


Author, Facilitator, Coach

"Andrea is such a gifted healer. I never knew acupuncture could be so nourishing! I always feel so grounded and healed up after leaving a treatment. Her blend of medicine that includes energy work, cupping and needles is soooooo beautiful. If you haven't had a chance to meet her, I highly recommend you do! I trust Andrea's medicine so much, and often refer my own clients to her. " 

- S.R.S.


Intuitive, Reiki Practitioner + Teacher

"Andrea has been a long time friend since college and I have to say, she has become one of the best acupunturists I know. And that is saying A LOT! Call me crazy but even though I am Chinese and grew up in China, I have to have a lot of trust in a person that's going to stick needles in me. She has the lightest touch I have ever experienced and an incredible amount of knowledge to back her up."

- J.K.


Reiki Practitioner

"I have been an ongoing client of Andrea’s for several years now. She has since become a dear sister and priceless resource on my healing journey. She approaches her practice with such admirable integrity. And she tends to me with such focused presence. She listens so intently. I always feel at ease and safe with her. Which is so important to me. And so essential when doing what can be such intense and intimate work. She is so rare in that she’s found such a beautiful balance between knowledge and intuition, seeming to weave back and forth effortlessly. And her reflections have been invaluable to me.


The sessions themselves, whether it be acupuncture, herbal consultations, or Reiki, have been so powerful and so deeply nurturing. I always feel like I’m being held and supported, so that I can relax and release whatever is holding me back from new growth and expansion. She is like the water and the sun that nourish and encourage so sweetly and patiently, my bud to bloom. A steady and most trustworthy ally and friend. I am so lucky to have her in my life."

- J.C.


Administrator, UCLA

"Andrea is a gem! I sought out Andrea's services, after a recommendation from a friend. I was experiencing issues with my sciatic nerve, numbness and intense discomfort and tightness in my back. Andrea is easy to talk to and at times helped me realize things about myself or things I'd experience which could be resulting to my need for support. With only 6 sessions, my sciatic pain and numbness receded and I felt completely better. I highly recommend Andrea. Acupuncture and cupping changed my life and I look forward to coming back for maintenance!"

- M.J.



"I look forward to my acupuncture/cupping sessions with Andrea! Every session is so therapeutic, and helps my physical and mental well-being. I'm currently working and going to school full-time. This, along with external factors, can weigh me down. Most of the time when I walk into Andrea's healing place I feel stressed, but when I come out I feel relaxed and refreshed. My muscle tension completely melts away. Andrea is open to therapeutic communication. She's a great listener, and gives advice if you ask for it. My favorite thing is her intersection of TCM and Latino/indigenous medicine. For example, during  one of my acupuncture visits, she worked energy healing into the session using palo santo. She is a real gem!" 

- M.G.



"Andrea is just fantastic.  Her space is absolutely gorgeous, and conveniently located in Mid-City. I had never had acupuncture or cupping treatments before, but woke up with an awful back pain after a particularly stressful week, and immediately thought to call Andrea for help.  She walked me through every step of what I would be experiencing to put me at ease before beginning the treatment.  She has really thought of everything to make her clients' experiences as comfortable as possible. I came in with pain at a 7 or so (and I have a high tolerance for pain!), and left at about a 2/3.  So thankful to know such a caring health provider! Thank you, Andrea!"



Scholar, Cal Poly Pomona

"Andrea is an incredibly skilled and intuitive healer who gives her patients her full attention. Her practice incorporates a variety of methods, and she is extremely knowledgeable and thorough. Her space is beautiful and calming, and I almost always fall asleep on her table. It's like visiting a medicinal spa! I've seen Andrea for everything from the flu to postpartum healing, and she always makes me feel brand new. You're in good hands with her!"

- A.H.

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